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In this time of social media, it is imperative to focus on what your rivals are doing on Facebook, Twitter or any other media. Someone wise has said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, do you remember this saying?

In the field of digital marketing, you NEED to live by this saying. Trust me! Your end results will be successful and easy to reach. There is a lot to learn from your competitors, who’s doing what? when? and how?

In the event that it is your objective to remain in front of the opposition, then you need to know which procedures work and which don’t in your industry and then use those quick witted strategies.

Let’s quickly go to the 3 main things that I feel you can learn a lot by spying on your competitors.

1) How to TARGET and INTERACT with customers

Pretty sure you and your rivals may as of now have a smart thought of who your intended target audience is, yet maybe they are attracting more of them. Provided that this is true, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to investigate the contrasts between your rival’s crusade and your own. Are your competitors using any other sort of advertising medium such as TV ads while you are only focusing on social media? Sure more companies are now going purely Digital, but some might also be using other medium.
Figure out what they are doing right to generate so much traffic. Distinguish what sort of language and pictures they are sharing that is attracting more visitors. Facebook is an open book, literally. You can go and spy on their page without even “Liking” it. Check their audience and how they interact with them and compare with yours. Do they respond faster? Do they give better solution to problems? Are their strategies more customer-friendly?

2) Content Creation

What type Content are they creating to highlight the company’s personality? Some companies act like a content publishing machine, they post one blog after the other along with webinars, online contests, videos and customer service. It is very, very hard to keep up with such companies.

Try to figure out how. Maybe they are using guest bloggers, or are curating a list of topics that are viral nowadays, do they link blogs or infographics from other sources?

But do not forget, quality > quantity.

What makes their content so attractive? Is it the design? The content material itself? Is it their eye catching headlines that are so irresistible? What types of call-to-action are they using?

3) Search Engine Rankings

Run SEO competitor analysis. See what keywords they are using? Track their traffic. Is it organic or paid?  My favorite tool is Spyfu. It a critical tool that demonstrates the keywords that websites buy on Google Adwords as well as the keywords that websites are showing up for within search results. It gives you full review on PPC research, SEO research, Backlinks etc. Try it for yourself! It is a must have tool.

Social media can be utilized for SEO purposes. To gauge this, you can look into those organizations in your industry who overwhelm the web crawlers and perceive how their web-based social networking endeavors might help them in such manner.

Open Site Explorer by Moz and SEMrush are two other great tools that you can use to see which websites are linking the most traffic to your competitors’ websites to track backlinks. If they are linking back to your competitors, they could link back to you too. Backlinks are essential for SEO on the grounds that some search engine, particularly Google, will give more credit to sites that have a decent number of value backlinks, and consider those sites more pertinent than others in their outcomes pages for a search query.


Apart from pulling the good stuff from the competitors and what they are doing to generate so much traffic and attention, ALSO try to know about what does not work for them i.e. LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES. Being enthused about their disasters and negative techniques will show you to maintain a strategic distance from their mix-ups.

Not one marketing technique will work for all, keep an eye out to see what is working and what is failing for the competitors because they might work for you too. So with try and error, see which one works the best for you.


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