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I am listing down some of the tools that I feel every startup MUST use. They all belong to different departments of a business, be it HR, finance, IT/design , marketing, sales etc. – I have got you covered.

So, find the tools below by department:

1) Pipedrive | Sales

For start-ups without a standalone sales team and wanting to make the sales pipeline even simpler and easier to manage, Pipedrive’s visually appealing way of putting your sales data is truly effective.

2) Optimizely | IT/Marketing

Optimizely is simply the best A/B testing tool that you will ever use. Tracking what isn’t working and making amendments to get it right the next time is made easier with A/B testing of your app or website. You can rapidly begin your site or application examination with a clean visual proofreader and a simpler integration with different platforms..

3) MailChimp | Marketing/Sales

Keeping an eye on sales and user engagement with this email marketing application. MailChimp is a standout amongst the most generally utilized email promoting applications that your startup shouldn’t disregard.

4) Edgar | Social Media Marketing

Edgar for social media marketing – Think Hootsuite + Buffer + repurposing and reusing relevant content over and over and over. Tell Edgar what types of updates to share at which times after you tag them by category and they do it for you!

5) Intercom| Communications

This is my favorite tool as it goes a step further and lets you contact your customers based on their behavior. It can replace your CRM, helpdesk and email marketing apps easily. It definitely is a little expensive but its good for the value it brings on the table.

5) Canva| Designs

This design program for “non-designers” is a great way to add text to photos, or edit images to use on social media. The usability is unbelievable–and the outcomes look very great.

6) Inkybee| Marketing

I think this is a great resource for any startup looking for contacts, managing a list of bloggers, measuring your results with built-in analytics, and more.

7) Wave Apps| Finance

Managing finance is also a task often undertaken by startup entrepreneurs. Getting every one of your numbers right is fundamental, regardless of how immaterial, you should seriously think about them at an underlying stage.You can also generate professional balance sheets for your business, which are basic while attempting to connect with potential potential investors.

8) Meltwater| PR

My personal favorite tool. Meltwater is a tool for monitoring your brand and engaging in conversation with your customers. It’s a media relation hub for any small business keeping track of search engine buzz and social network trending data.

9) TinyPulse| Human Resources

This is another tool that allows you as the manager or head of the company to get an accurate pulse from your employees. TINYPulse is a tool for keeping a pulse on employee happiness and loyalty, simply.



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