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So, I am Minaaaal (That is how it is pronounced)

I am an IT graduate, currently enjoying my gap year. I am really not sure what I am going to blog about to be frank. All I know is I have a deep connection with entrepreneurship maybe because I grew up in a family of Entrepreneurs (seriously!). I started my first business when I finished IGCSE,  I made a Facebook page called “Foodies” and simply started delivering home made food.

I chose IT as my field because I wanted to be different than others in my family. I went abroad and studied IT and guess what happened there? I landed a job where I only had to deal with startups and had to encourage new entrepreneurs to enter the market. That is when I fell in love with it because that is when I realized the true meaning of entrepreneurship.

I consider myself super lucky to be an intern in a company founded by the one and only, Cheryl Yeoh, my inspiration.

Fast forward, I am now a Freelancer, helping small to medium companies promote their business via digital marketing.

Edit: I am now a Social Media Manager at Market Me and currently writing a book (oh yeah!)
Edit: Well, I am still working on that book but I am now the head of Digital Marketing for Gold’s Gym in Saudi Arabia
Edit: I honestly cannot manage my time to finish the book but now I am managing the digital department at Rocco Forte Hotels in Saudi Arabia.

Reach me: business@minalsaeed.com OR info@minalsaeed.com