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We all fancy luxury items, be it a Chanel perfume, Louboutin shoes, a Lamborghini Veneno.. But who are the buyers of Luxury branded goods? And why do they buy these products?

The customers of these luxury brands are people who like to enjoy the finest things in life, to fit in a part of the Elite and of course, as an asset to show off their wealth.

In order to reach these customers, brands try to  connect to these emotions of the potential customers and builds a bond with them by the art of story telling.

Luxury brands do not sell a product. They don’t sell a perfume, hand bag or a car, they sell an experience. For eg. if you see the Chanel No. 5 perfume ad, more than the product you will see an elegant woman living the best life. The brand is telling you a story about the glamorous life the woman lives and this woman could be YOU!

Or simply Rosewood Bankok highlighting that what can be perceived as luxury, fashion and ambition to gain attention of the audience of the same sort instead of showcasing the rooms and amenities their new hotel has to offer.
A big ad on TV is not what most of these brands would be most fond of as it will most probably not resonate with their target audience. Beyond TELLING the consumer what to want, of equal importance in luxury is the HOW part. This could be through indirect marketing and word of mouth.

But how can you tell this story on Digital platforms in 2019?

Content snacking is still a new term among marketeers. Nowadays, time spent online is really fragmented mainly because people’s attention span is reducing minute by minute. People explore the digital world while commuting, during lunch, during breaks from work, avoiding an awkward silence in an elevator etc.. People snack on mobile content throughout the day, in micro-moments.

Short, few seconds video ads can get users attention the same way by showing the effects of using their product in the most simplest yet eye catching, desirable way.

Ephemeral videos are now most common than ever- these are the 24 hours stories that are available on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.  The sense of urgency behind disappearing content can be a powerful force. When content is only available for a limited amount of time, audiences tend to be more engaged. In other words, this is generation is in a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

However, the content is the most important when promoting a luxury item as the target audience is very niche and a general social media info buzz will not necessarily lead to conversions but making people realize what or who they can be and targeting their emotions – will definitely increase footfall.

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