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A common misconception about Instagram is that it only works for consumer brands or for Travel Bloggers! But I am here to tell you that Instagram can be a great channel of marketing for ANY business, only if you use the right strategy. Promoting fitness? EASY. Food? Yummy, so easy! Fashion? SIMPLE. Service-based industry? Naah! Not so easy, but still possible.

Instagram is a powerful storytelling platform. Good storytelling increases the value of your brand in your stakeholders’ eyes. Customers and employees will be addressed via this platform.

I have listed down some companies who do EXCEPTIONALLY well on Instagram. Maybe you can pick up something from them.


  • Type: Co-working/Office Space
  • Followers: 119k

It is praiseworthy how WeWork shows their culture and vision through their Instagram. Following their mission, “to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living,” Instagram takes after their theme of being enthusiastic and amped up for life with photographs of cool office enrichments and their representatives at events and parties or just simply of them working.

WeWork showing off their fascinating decor


  • Type:  Email Marketing Service
  • Followers: 52.5k

An Email Marketing Service. Super boring , you say? We say, NAH! MailChimp takes full preferred standpoint of their energetic logo by reviving their  2d shape and changing it into a veritable identity. Their idiosyncratic image picture leaks through every photograph, ensuring you chuckle a little within each time they post another photograph.

MailChimp’s puns and quirkiness wins everyone’s heart


  • Type: Courier Service
  • Followers: 52.5k

Cargo shipment has never appeared to be more enjoyable than with FedEx’s Instagram account. With lot’s of incredible photographs of planes and trucks everywhere throughout the world, FedEx is somewhat of a limited time travel log. But they do not do anything extra. Just, you can spot the logo at the background of any photo, keeping it subtle.

FedEx hinting their logo at the background

Some of the companies, mostly IT based, do not really have anything “cool” to put up but that does not stop Intel. Here’s why:


  • Type: Technology
  • Followers: 952k

King James portrait by Yung Jake uses 15-20K emojis and was created with a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor. How cool is that?! And Instagram is the best platform to show this brilliant piece of art.

Showing of their work quality

Or just place their product in a way that even a non techy would love to get hands into their processors. They use a unique hashtag called #ExpertMode to be unique. Not only does Intel use its hashtags in these posts, it also watermarks some of its photos with the hashtags, and even in its short description.

Great image captured by Intel

Wells Fargo

  • Type: Financial Services Company
  • Followers: 24.9k

A goal-oriented organization like Wells Fargo doesn’t let a boring industry as banking stand its way of creativity. @wellfargo combines video and images to keep their content fresh by sharing wide variety of topics like current events, financial tips, quotes etc.

Well Fargo captivating the world

Highlighting other businesses and entrepreneurs also makes you look good; it gives the impression that you’re creating a movement around your brand as opposed to being in a constant ‘selling’ mindset. Look below:


  • Type: Technology
  • Followers: 1m

Microsoft did this with their #DoMore campaign when they hired a photographer to travel the world and take photos of entrepreneurs using Microsoft products.  You cannot actually hire someone to let’s say, hike the tallest mountain just for the sake of showing of your camera quality, but you can get out there and meet people/businesses who do this and are using your products and services.  You’re kind of saying to your followers, ‘look at the awesome work you could do if you used our products!’ without really saying it.

Microsoft highlighting the greatness of Nat Geo


  • Type: Software
  • Followers: 420kWith an item that plays well to the visual, Adobe is a serendipitous and interesting substance in the B2B space. Their methodology includes highlighting what their items can do by making staggering visuals that make even the most unskilled novice long for attempting their own hand at Adobe items. Adobe uses Instagram to promote others artwork highlighting the theme of their company. This is B2B marketing done right.
    Promoting others artwork

    Hello World  (formerly known as ePrize)

  • Type: Media Company
  • Followers: 770

Not as many followers as the rest in this list but it still caught our eye. They run a digital engagement agency helping brands reach their customers in new and innovative ways. Their mission is to change the way brands interact with their consumers. And that’s what they did. They hired their long time fan/former intern on Instagram.

ePrize extending their job offer to their former Intern

So yeah, if you think Instagram is the platform to market consumer based businesses only, then you are wrong. ANY business can gain advantage from this platform, if they use the right strategy!

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