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A couple weeks ago I compiled a list of important checklists for any blogger/startup, but I felt a simple, quick to read checklist was missing. So I just needed to sort that out.

Below are the 5 things that awesome bloggers do to make sure they have a rocking blog post:


 Is your blog post title catchy and appealing to your readers?

Your post title is maybe the most vital piece of promoting your blog entry. If your title is weak — even if your content is great — then people are less inclined to click and really read it.

The title of your post is incredibly important for its “SEO,” so you want to make sure you’re including a keyword or phrase in your headlines.

For example:

Catchy: 5 Cool Tips for New Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow Their Business

Not so catchy: How to Grow Your Business

blog titles
Blog Title Templates That You Could Use


Does the blog post include couple of links to relevant pages on your website?

An internal linking technique is important for improving your SEO and providing useful guidelines to users on where to click next – where ever appropriate. I recommend coming up with a list of links of important site pages you’d like to rank better in search, and alluding to the list at whatever point you feel it’s logically appropriate to put a link in your post.

Image result for internal linking example


Did you add descriptive tags for images with the keyword in it?

Alternative text, more commonly known as “alt text” is used for your website visitors with visual impairment. For most themes, the alt text is what will automatically be added to the “description” when someone pins an image from your site. It’s a perfect place to incorporate a long tail keyword or phrase. Also, major search engines cannot determine an image content itself, alt text is an SEO factor that is used by these engines to rank your page instead.

Does your blog have long paragraphs?

Long paragraphs are a big NO-NO! Bullet points are one of the simplest and most effective hacks for making your content more appealing to readers who have a tendency to scan. They effectively break up long paragraphs into easily-digestible chunks. Long paragraphs are so hard to read and often people get bored and close the window. YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!


I know. You’re probably like duhhhh! But seriously, even after going through my posts multiple times, after publishing I tend to find mistakes. It could be off putting, sometimes. So you must search for errors in spelling, word usage, grammar, and punctuation. I highly recommend proofreading your posts several times before hitting publish. Editing is not just the icing on the cake; it is an essential part of the writing process.
You might still find mistakes in this blog lol, so don’t judge. I am still learning. xD

Do checkout my list of Marketing Cheatsheets and Checklists before you go. It’s of great help, trust me!

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