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As a digital marketer, I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT Instagram is for a brand especially for hospitality and tourism businesses like Restaurants, Salons, Attractions et cetera. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, especially among more youthful crowds, so it is evident where most of the young audience is available, to target. The following are the reasons why you MUST give Instagram a go:


If your target audience are the youngsters, Instagram is the place. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are now old. Twitter has not been doing well with users growth but Facebook is ever growing. However, rapidly, many aged (senior) people are using Facebook, it is like a hangout spot for old people. 😛
So, naturally, millennials shifted to Instagram. They are obsessed with it, I know this because I know I am.


Since Facebook has bought Instagram, marketers can take advantage of Facebook’s huge customer data to target particular audience.  Users who connect their Facebook accounts with Instagram provide all of that data to Instagram’s targeting. Integrating with Facebook can definitely rise up your ROI because we can a reach someone who is actually interested. Before, you could only target specifying the gender, age, location but now with Facebook you can get more target audience details which has proved to be more relevant and effective.


Instagram promotions look simply like any other shared picture and Instagram is the ONLY social platform that has managed to make it appear so organic that is seamlessly falls into users’ insta feed.


Instagram is a great way of story-telling. Brand have got a platform to tell their story, their philosophy, vision and mission statement. They can show to their fans, better approaches to find their image, either by demonstrating “backstage” pictures or by displaying remarkable items and stories.

Restaurants can show “behind-the-scenes”, where the chef is preparing the food and the next post can be the item that was being made. This gives more insight to the customer and they feel the transparency.

But not all brands can do this, obvio. They might not have the art of “story telling” or maybe their business is unsuitable for that. However, they can use Instagram to engage with their customers or clients on a different, more personal level. They can build a following.  I definitely feel flattered if a brand “likes” my post about them. It takes a few seconds, just one click, and they’ve got them self an engaged user. Since I know they repost or like my posts, I post about them often cause I simply like getting recognized and appreciated.


It is strange but true that not many companies use Instagram to promote their business. Companies moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing mainly think of Facebook or Google Adwords only. Very few of them make use of Instagram to reach its audience, and that’s how you can gain an advantage over them!

I hope that you give advertising on Instagram a shot. If you do, then let me know what you think of it compared to other social media platforms.


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